Site Map
Here is a brief overview of all of the information available on the Chicago Chocolate Fountain website:

Main Page
Introductory information about the chocolate fountain.
The CCF Experience
Pictures, client testimonials, and video offer a closer look at the chocolate fountain in action.
Rental Information
How to bring the Chiciago Chocolate Fountain to your event.
The Fountains
The technical features of these unique fountains.
About Us
A brief look at the team behind CCF.
Contact Us
With any questions, we wil gladly answer them all.
Some of the more common questions about the fountains answered here.
CCF is often invited to showcase the fountains at many wonderful events, such as some of the amazing bridal expos that take place in Chicago each year. This is a great way to try a Chicago Chocolate Fountain out firsthand, and so we make available to you a calendar of some of those events.
From how to easily clean the fountian after an event, to interesting facts about choclate, this section is a well rounded education for any chocolate lover.
Dipping Items
This list contains the most common dipping items that are requested.
A way to visit the sites of some of the partners we work with here at Chicago Chocolate Fountain.
See some of the people that staff events.
A look, and brief comparison of the delicious treat that our fountains bear.
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